Oxbridge Institute
Department of History
Professor Baxter Smalls, Time Traveling Documentarian
The Sigmundson Family – Spring of 1023 A.D.
Lovely people. Yes, there was the berserk raiding, raping, pillaging and barbaric hygiene but frankly they were easily dead ringers for my own friendly neighbors in the West End.
I love children… clean children.
I was becoming one of them.
Here I am describing my method of time travel to Mr. Thor.  He asked some poignant questions like, “Have you ever eaten boar hearts? Or do you want to see me cut my own finger off?”  all great questions, but unfortunately nothing I could say would further him socially.
Thor asked me to join him for a dirt bath early that evening, but I had to take a rain check as I was scheduled for an interview with Mr. Charles Darwin about his long standing addiction to pornographic science materials.